Builderall: the most complete marketing platform in the world. It will be? Check it now.

Hello, how are you? In recent years we have seen an astronomical growth in the number of entrepreneurs. Especially with Digital Media.

However, we also see the difficulty of starting with low cost. Whereas web site and e-mail marketing platforms have high values ​​for those who are starting to keep up.

And, some free platforms do not even offer what paid platforms can offer.

Following this principle, let’s look at every detail of Builderall, the most complete marketing platform in the world. The text is long but worth reading until the end. Also to check if it is all this or is more a company that only has advertising.

No one deserves companies like that, does it?

Builderall – How it all began.

I do not know if you heard about OMB100. The Omb100 was the “Brazilian part” of Builderall. The history of Omb100 Builderall is very interesting. Check:

The Builderall platform project began in 2011 with one goal: to generate real digital results for companies around the world through a complete and intelligent platform. However, this is not where our story began.

E-business4us Inc. was founded in the United States in 2008 by entrepreneur Erick Salgado, with a core composed of two passions: digital marketing and entrepreneurship. The goal of the company was then very clear: to transform the world through entrepreneurship, using digital marketing as a tool.

Still in Brazil, Erick has been bringing business to the digital world since 2005. Through a local digital inclusion project that has created over 5,000 websites for small and medium-sized businesses. Also created a mini-franchise portal. That soon became a great local success and leveraged his international career.

(…) In 2010, already with a range of clients of all types of business, Erick began to notice something. Achieving success through the internet was not something affordable for everyone. The number of competitors growing exponentially, spammers and ridiculously expensive tools were making life difficult for entrepreneurs.

What if entrepreneurs had access to a tool that could really help them achieve digital success? A single smart platform, one price, no complicated configurations or programming. Well, that’s where the idea for the Builderall platform started.

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The most complete Marketing Platform in the world – Builderall.

Interesting story, is not it? I love Stories from Entrepreneurs, and you? But did he achieve his goal by creating the platform the way he imagined it? The answer to this question, you can check below with the list of items that it has.

I will strive to make you see the most complete marketing platform in the world with my eyes. Where each item joins the next, making the final result even more powerful.

What is a sales funnel?

Just to contextualize and your reading from now on make it clearer I will define sales funnel:

The sales funnel (or pipeline) is a process that consists of conducting or accompanying your customer from the moment he becomes aware of a solution sold by your company until the closing of the business. It is a strategic model that shows every step taken by the consumer until closing the purchase.


The closest we could get to a full funnel would be in that image below. We have very well explained also in the Micro Franchise Builderall, where you will meet at the end of the article.

It is possible to have an idea of ​​how complex the world of sales and nutrition of leads is. However, practice leads to perfection. The main ingredient is the fact that you will not need to resort to any other tool to do so. Builderall has everything you need to optimize results.

Builderall Brasil a plataforma de marketing mais completa do mundo. OMB100.

Builderall is the most complete marketing platform in the world. Micro Franchise Builderall – OMB100.

HTML5 Website Builder (Drag and Drop).

Complete, right? Now we really go to what the tool offers. If you do not already know, HTML 5 is:

HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML. The term represents two different concepts:

It is a new version of the HTML language, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors and a greater set of technologies that allows the development of applications and web sites more diverse and powerful. This set is called HTML5 & friends and often abbreviated only as HTML5. Source

This is: your website is as optimized as possible for the search tools like Google, Bing, Yahoo. The site builder is not responsive, it is adjustable. Making the experience of those who see on mobile devices even better.

Because who decides where each item will be, it’s you. Different from the responsive that follows the same pattern across all devices.

As the tool drags and loosens, it is what will make your life easier and save hours of your day. In addition to over 1000 templates ready to edit.

The sites can look awesome. Take a look at this site, it’s one of my designs on Builderall. For him, you can get an idea of ​​the potential. Simple but effective.

E-mail Marketing Platform.

This, in my opinion, today is one of the main tools used by the market, for nutrition of leads. There are so many offers that it is difficult to know who to believe.

So when you can nurture the lead with very good content, at the end of the emails the chance to buy increases exponentially. Whether on the Builderall platform or the micro franchise.

I’m a fan of email marketing for a few reasons. The first is: Automate. There is nothing smarter than automating a service and being free for others or for family and friends.

Your financial potential increases significantly. Second, because people are not always available. Be it by whatsapp, phone or any other medium. So e-mail marketing will tell your lead / customer that you’re there, remembered him and want to deliver something.

If you still do not work with email marketing, I recommend you start now!

Responsive Blogs Builder.

Unlike websites, blogs need to be responsive. The fact that we are always creating content to feed them makes responsiveness more efficient. While saving work of organizing each page while new articles are created.

On the sites there is no such thing, as they usually follow a standard structure and stay fixed. I also built a responsive blog. I put some articles to test, understand how the platform is for ranking but, today, it is stopped. IT IS! I was on the first page for my keyword. It is important to emphasize that I am not a web designer nor a website expert. But I’m good.

PS: This video is a little longer. If you have a short time, follow the article, okay?

Animated Video Builder.

Building animated videos is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Today, with content that easily viralizam, creating a video that meets this principle can increase the popularity in seconds.

Take a look to see what potential you will have on hand when you sign the platform.

Floating Video Builder.

The builder of floating videos is, in my opinion, the biggest balcony of Builderall. It’s something unique. I would say something magical.

Taking it to your life, get project. Have you ever imagined you create a beautiful site with a great digital bait and when your lead accesses the site you appear presenting the project to him?

With your emphasis, your enthusiasm, your excitement? Can you see the potential of this in your life?

There are times when it is difficult to drop the plug that something so complete can be so cheap. Cheap because putting your dream into practice is priceless.

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Design Studio / Mockups Editor

The mockups are amazing, laughter. You know what a mockup is?

Mockup, which is also known as a prototype, is a mockup. Designed in full size or scale, and has full details as the original model on which it was based. Or the representation of the design of a project to be shown to the client.

They can create very interesting ideas for your project. From e-book covers to computer screens, tablets, smartphones conveying the message you want to send.

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Presentation Builder

If you would like to communicate with your audience in an interactive and customizable way integrated with your site; Builderall Brazil has the ideal tool, the Slideshow Builder.

With it you can create personalized presentations for each type of meeting. Allowing you to not need other tools or software to complete the job.

Now tell me one thing: Like me, are you finding the platform incredible or sensational? Laughs. Check out this video tutorial and look how amazing this builder is. Without a doubt, Builderall is the most complete marketing platform in the world.

On-Page SEO Reports

Nowadays, with such fierce competition, you can not hesitate. The SEO [Search Engine Optimization] needs to be sharp or your so dreamed up project will get forgotten through the pages and more pages of Google.

SEO on-Page, as the name itself already says, is SEO aimed at what is inside the website / blog. On a marketing platform, could not miss the SEO report … Really do not miss! Following the tips of the reports, the optimization made, is now working the SEO off-page.

Integration with Facebook Apps – Builderall.

Is there any way to optimize the relationship with followers who like you and follow you on Facebook?

Yes, and not only that. You can capture and nurture prospects with notifications, smart posts, and applications that integrate with your Facebook pages.

Building strong relationships with your leads and customers is the next goal with this option! Simple and powerful also for the micro franchise Builderall.

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Browser Notifications – Builderall

So, have you tired of seeing so much good? Laughs. We have already reached the 1,600 words and there are still many good things to show ♥♥. I love talking about good things. Now let’s get back to focus.

The notifications in the browser are great for winning the lead yes and getting a “relationship” with it. These notifications consist of opening a pop up in the browser, warning you of new content. Even if the lead is not on your site.

Notify every time any news is launched on the site is a great way to monetize. In addition to being a great enabler of comments and sharing. Not yet used? Give it a try. But remember to come here and tell me the result.

Leads Capture Tools – Builderall

Focused always on results, the most complete marketing platform in the world offers lead capture. This is another great option to leverage results on Facebook. Check out [This video is also a bit long, has 6 minutes, but explains in detail].

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Heat Map / Clicks – The most complete marketing platform in the world.

The heat map is great for tracking the conversion knobs. It can tell you where the heat map of your site is. In other words, you can identify where most people are clicking. Increasing the efficiency of the strategy, because where it does not have click, needs to be modified.

Heat Map / Clicks – The most complete marketing platform in the world.

The heat map is great for tracking the conversion knobs. It can inform the map of the heat of your site. In other words, you can identify where most people are clicking. Increasing a strategy strategy, po, where it has no click, needs to be modified.

Apps builder for iOS / Android.

App Builder for iOS and Android complements the super bundle of options to take off your business. You can create a simple and fast application with your brand and promote the will. Success is a matter of decision, do you agree? Trace a strategy, start applying and await the result that is right. Check out the tutorial.


If you have come here still with doubt, now is the time to take them out. I am one of the satisfied users but, I want to bring you the opinion of others and then make your decision. After all, I remember that the registration is entirely free.

Micro Franchise Builderall

The Micro Franchise Builderall has come to revolutionize the world market. I, who have been following this market for a while, was impressed by the company’s initiative.

Let me contextualize them. Previously, the Franchise was a White Label franchise. Where the franchisee had free access to the platform to change the layout, template, logo, everything! It was 100% open for sale and offer of the same and the value was 300 monthly for that.

Today, there has been a change where the micro franchise gives you access to a Niches Funnels. Explan .. The niche funnel, consists of a strategy where every week the CEO of marketing and the main managers deliver a niche ready for the disclosure.

How so a niche ready? You became a franchisee and now have access to a funnel from Crossfit’s niche. Right, and? This funnel is already 100% ready. Capture page, professional sales video, thank you page, complete email sequence, and lead feed you did not convert.

Still do not understand? Easy, I’ll explain more in detail. In the franchisee office there is a link to the sales page of that (and other sales functions). Let’s say you’d rather talk to prospects over the phone. So, you turn to a professional in the area offers the opportunity to have the entire complete sales structure for his business. He accept. You send the link, it subscribes, signs the plan and you are commissioned. Haha! For only R $ 300 once.

That simple. Send a link, they did the registration, you get to find this customer. Sensational, is not it? But it gets even better. Offer can be made in the entire WORLD, receive in dollar, in Euro, wherever. Is that good for you? It’s beautiful for me! Come with me? It’s free until you decide!

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So we got a great ride on Builderall. A great opportunity to get to know the company, the resources, the customers and the potential to leverage business that it has.

The only point that is not yet 100% is still support. As they migrated the entire platform from Builderall to OMB100 within a short time, some items are still in adaptation.

Support has stopped being online to become a forum, as most companies today do. But you are walking down an excellent path.

Every day we see the team engaged in the complete platform solution. We will be business partners. Welcome to).

To start your free registration, fill out the form and access the office. As the best is towards the end, I recommend that you start with Erick Salgado’s course. Then tell me how many thousand you saved by having access to it at no cost, laughter.